About me

I feel at home where complex models and informational structures need to be transformed into user interfaces that can be digested, understood and acted upon by living, breathing human beings.

Experienced in working with both co-located and distributed international, cross-functional agile teams on projects of any scale, I consider myself a hub between business stakeholders and development, advocating users’ needs.

I don’t have an established process, every project and team has its own implications and preconditions, so coming up with a process and collaboration model is an integral part of my work.

I live and work in Berlin, Germany.

My CV and access to my portfolio are available upon request.


”Franz has the unique ability to remove any cruft, clearly analyse a situation, extract the key facts, and precisely present and communicate them to you.”

Oliver Kohl, Head of CxP Engineering at SAP

”Franz not only consistently and predictably delivered high quality results but also actively collaborated as a team member. He was also a direct contributor to our team agility providing qualitative feedback that we regularly implemented.”

Charles Carney, Agile Coach at SAP, previously Product Owner of SAP Cloud Identity

”Franz is always willing to directly challenge the status quo in pursuit of a more effective solution and encourages coworkers to be inventive. Besides making sure to put focus on the interaction design he always has a holistic view on the product.”

Folkert Eilts, Scrum master at SAP

”For me as a developer, Franz’ most important trait is his ability to conceptionally analyze problems and, which is absolutely unusual for a designer, oversee and understand its technical implications. His ability to ask the right questions at the right time has helped the team immensely. I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with him again!”

Gregory Igelmund, Freelance Developer